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Zsofia Pauliczky

Sweden,  Eksjö University of Jönköping - Campus i12,  Digital Visualization,  June 01, 2016
I am a compositing student at Campusi12 Sweden. I have decided to study film making when I have first seen Batman. This might sound stupid but on that day I finally knew that I want to be part of that process. I have just started my journey in vfx and have a lot to learn, but someday I will get there.
  • Compositing
  • Design
  • Editing
  • Generalist (all)
  • 3D Equalizer
  • After Effects
  • Avid
  • Blender
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
  • Real Flow
  • Student of the Year
  • 1465 Page Views
  • 1 Images
  • May 12, 2015
1. Hot dog shot:
The hot dog was modelled by one of my classmates in Campus i12 (Johannes Anderson). And I got the opportunity to comp it in any way I preferred. So I used multipass compositing and a low poly matte painting as a background. I put all the assets together for the matte painting first in Photoshop and then in Nukes’s 3D scene. I color graded them to match. I really loved working on that project, I could experiment as much as I wanted, and I got a lot of inspiration from the low poly style.

2. Bear on rock shot: (personal project)
As I am really interested in 3D as well I tried to make fur just as an experiment. I spent a lot of time on the bear adjusting the fur accordingly and then I thought that I am a compositor so even if the bear is far from perfect I could try to give him a „story”. So I composited everything on the shot. Made displacements in Nuke’s 3D scene, graded and matched the objects together, put clouds and fog etc. It was funny to see that a merely experimental project just turned out to be something that gives a feeling. The whole project just made me more interested in 3D and also I loved working in the 3D scene of Nuke. It is really like building a new world.

3. Roto:
The roto shot was a school project. I used an old footage from my diploma movie that I edited. This assignment was a real challenge, I could see how important it is to be perfect and make a seamless work. Details, details, details. I have learnt a lot, I am gonna be honest, I did not enjoy all parts of it but in the end I was proud to accomplish that shot.

4. Forest shot:
This was our first group project in school. I keyed one of the green screen shots, and set up the 3D scene. I also made the matte painting (desert) in a separate 3D scene. I added the little details like scratches, dust and raindrops on the surface of the mirror and also the reflection. I helped with the grading and tracking as well. It is always hard to say at the beginning who did what, because we all tried every aspects to learn more and more. What I have learnt from that project is the fact that group work are not always easy but you can rely on your group mates and have a lot of fun together if you share the same vision about something:)

5. Paint splash: (personal project)
I simply fell in love with liquid simulations so I spent a tremendous amount of time to make splashes and flows. I got fascinated by RealFlow. The paint splash is still work in progress, it has exploding particles but I am planning to fix it and actually make a whole project around liquid simulations. But of course this passion is just one the side. I have an ice cream project as well but this is all just beginner level.

6. Cinemagraph:
This was our second group project in school. From the beginning we all loved the idea so it was the most amazing time I spent with my group. However I was the only compositor in so I made a lot of rotoscoping and colormatching of the moving parts. And also roto for the girl and trees to make the fog more deep and realistic. The 3D artists i my class (Loka, Jacob) made a great job with the monsters and the reflection and also they were involved in compositing too.

7. Pig: (personal project)
After the bear I felt like I have to do more fur and modelling so I came up with the idea of a christmas pig. I really want him to come alive as well but I am not sure when I am gonna have time to achieve it.

8. Island: (personal project)
This was the shot where I went into modelling a bit more (however just low poly) but I had this „circus” idea for a long time. This was also an experimental project, but I was thinking a lot about how could I comp the island into an absurd reality. I think what I have learnt here is that I have to keep in mind that If i have an idea I just have to try to make it because it might work. Or might not. But at least I tried.

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