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Vasil Shotarov

United Kingdom,  Bournemouth Bournemouth University,  Computer Visualisation and Animation,  May 31, 2016
CGI for me is the way to express thoughts and emotions which ideally will help people find beauty and hope even in the darkest of times. And no, I do not think that seeing the awesome VFX of the latest blockbuster will brighten up anyone's life, but the story it depicts might. And what better way to support a good story than by portraying spectacular visuals ?

I consider myself a 3D generalist, because I have a solid knowledge of the pipeline and I am highly interested in all aspects of producing CG moving images. More particularly I am keen in modeling and rigging, but I am inquisitve about lighting and rendering as well, as I feel that they are very broad areas with lots of interesting and important information to process.
  • Compositing
  • Lighting
  • Look Development
  • Modeling
  • Programming
  • Rigging
  • Story Development
  • Texture Painting
  • After Effects
  • Cinema 4D
  • Mari
  • Maya
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
  • Real Flow
  • V-Ray
  • Zbrush
  • Student of the Year
  • 1000 Page Views
  • 3 Images
  • April 25, 2015

This is my first ever showreel and I am incredibly excited about finally being able to upload and share it ! I am very passionate about all things CG, so if you have any comments or critiques don't hesitate to share them with me.

01 - Antoine - high res -
This project was started with a speed sculpt of a concept image by Ido Yehimovitz ( I really liked the character, so I decided to take it further. It was a great study to learn more about hair, lighting and the pipeline in general. I've always had a fascination with literature, so I was really excited about developing this project.

02 - Group Project - Yo Ho Ho and a rubber ducky -
This was my second year project at Bournemouth University. It was a great experience, but also a really stressful one, most importantly I feel that I learned a lot, while working on it.

04 - Porsche Carrera 911
I included this model, just so I can show my hard surface modeling skills, as I rarely do hard surface models lately.

05 - Character Design
This was also a second year project at university. We had to design a character from start to finish. I was very excited about this assignment as I've always had my interest in character development. I plan on taking it further and texturing and rigging the model, so if you are interested keep an eye on my blog and I will try to update it as often as possible.

06 - Rigs Breakdown
I never thought that I will find such pleasure in rigging, but after the group project I feel like it is not only an incredibly important part of the pipeline, but also it requires lots of research, so you learn quite a lot by doing it. And also, an unpopular opinion... its so much fun !

Ido Yehimovitz -

"Acid Trumpet" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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