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Tanjim Islam

Australia,  Sydney Media Design School,  Bachelor of Art and Design (3D Animation and Visual Effects),  November 28, 2014
I specialized in the Visual Effects steam of Media Design School's, 'B. Art and Design' program, studying between 2012-14.

During the production year I worked on three shorts through the school, 'The Hunting Party,' 'Shelved Stunts,' and 'Lonely Panda.'
For the former two, I primarily practiced my skill on roto/paint, tracking and compositing in Nuke.
The latter film had self-teaching JavaScript for After Effects to turn Illustrator files into animatable characters.

I'd like to further my technical and creative ability and vision by working alongside and learning from as many other artists as I can.
Bragging rights for working on a feature wouldn't be bad either.
  • Compositing
  • Editing
  • Matchmove
  • Rigging
  • Rotoscoping
  • After Effects
  • Nuke
  • Student of the Year
  • 2103 Page Views
  • 3 Images
  • March 03, 2015
Shot 01, 0:04-0:10 - The Hunting Party - Nuke - Comp'd on black blood, Wire removal by multiple planar track/rotos
Shot 02, 0:10-0:14 - Shelved Stunts - Nuke - Roto/Paint fix (around top right), Flare on light, Smoke comp
Shot 03, 0:14-0:15 - The Hunting Party - Nuke - Enhance blood on plate, Comp extra blood
Shot 04, 0:15-0:17 - The Hunting Party - Nuke - Enhance blood on plate, Comp extra blood, Comp/Track wound
Shot 05, 0:17-0:20 - Lonely Panda - After Effects, DuIK Plugin, JavaScript - 2D character rigs (Panda and Butterfly) - Character design, Animation and Shot design by other team members
Shot 06, 0:20-0:23 - The Hunting Party - Nuke - Roto/Paint wire removal and Rig removal
Shot 07, 0:23-0:36 - Shelved Stunts - Nuke - Adjust scene lighting, Track/Flares on lights
Shot 08, 0:36-0:48 - Lonely Panda - After Effects, DuIK Plugin, JavaScript - 2D character rig and animation - Shot design by other team member
Shot 09, 0:48-0:52 - Shelved Stunts - Nuke - Light adjustment and flares
Shot 10, 0:52-0:57 - The Hunting Party - Nuke - Wire Removal, Eye Effect originally by other team member, I adjusted for shot and animated roto shapes
Shot 11, 0:57-1:05 - Shelved Stunts - Nuke - Comp in smoke, Roto/Paint fix

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