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Stephen Harris

England,  Rotherham Doncaster University Centre, High Melton,  Animation and Concept Art,  May 06, 2016
Stephen's Story

Stephen was born in the sunny hills of South Yorkshire, England. Maybe it was never that sunny but Stephen’s gleaming smile always seemed to brighten the day, well so his grandmother always told him anyhow. Ever since picking up his first pencil at the age of four, Stephen had a love for storytelling. His fascination for the people around him inspired his imaginative doodles, without Stephen realising until he was a late teenager he was creating wonderful worlds and inspirational characters, stories that he would later read to his nephew and nieces. After seeing the amazement and wonder in their eyes he soon discovered that storytelling is the only thing he could ever see himself doing… even though he’d always wanted to be a cowboy. From as long as the stars can remember, ever since his granny first saw him blink, Stephen was an exceptionally positive individual, constantly curious with the belief that anything is possible as long as you have the go in you to do it. His enthusiasm for the world and the people around him makes him the fun loving person he is today.

So, many doodles later it was time for the little cowboy to choose something to study, he began by achieving his level 3 Diploma in Graphic Design. Once Stephen had completed his Diploma he found animation to be the perfect storm, his love for storytelling and drawing was now becoming a reality. He studied at High Melton University in Doncaster; where he became friends with an exceptional group of artists. Being around like minded people influenced Stephen even more, though he always had so much passion for animation he soon began to realise that all of his drawings and stories were finally becoming something much more than just doodles. Stephen was inspiring the people around him, students and teachers were laughing at his pictures, he provoked some sort of emotional response from the people around him. To Stephen making people happy is the ultimate reward so to see friends and family laughing at his pictures was certainly a spectacular achievement.

Within his first year at university he applied to do some voluntary work down in London, but Stephen didn’t quite expect to have the response quite like he did. So for the next five months and with two different companies he was down in the capital city doing what he loves, storyboarding. Stephen found himself storyboarding commercials for ‘Hyundai’, a worldwide car manufacturer, and ‘Adidas’, a global sporting brand. He was working with a team of professional artists who always delivered to the highest level of quality, making this whole experience an incredible journey. To Stephen it was such a privilege to work with these great clients but most importantly gaining considerable knowledge, Gaining that invaluable experience that could never have been taught in a university studio, an experience that could never have been achieved through sitting with his head in a book.

So.... Almost four months later, he’s now returned to university for his second year. Stephen has gone into his second year a whole different human being, he has experienced collaborating with exceptional and devoted artists, and witnessed the whole production process from meeting the clients to creating the storyboards, But most importantly he worked with incredible people, Stephen made those incredible people smile through his personality and expressed emotions through their clients. He thrives of the fact that there are so many untold stories, this keeps his imagination firing with constant curiosity, this is why he loves storytelling. To Stephen knowing there are endless possibilities of introducing people to whole new worlds and personalties is the ultimate inspiration.

He will forever aim to be the best that he can possibly be, through sheer dedication, determination, and seizing opportunities.
  • Concept Art
  • Look Development
  • Pre-visualisation
  • Story Development
  • After Effects
  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Student of the Year
  • 2638 Page Views
  • 12 Images
  • March 09, 2015
I love to tell stories..... then I love to draw them. All the artwork in my portfolio are roughly drawn traditionally. Then I re-draw them using either Photoshop or SketchBook Pro. I just love to draw and tell stories. All of the the work is strictly my own.

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