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Rob Rankin

England,  London The National Film and Television School,  Masters in Digital Effects,  February 25, 2015
After deciding on a career change I enrolled at the National Film and Television School embarking on a masters in digital effects for film.

While specialising in compositing we were allocated 4 graduate films to work on, two live action shorts and two animation short films. One of my films, Manoman, required me to come up with a system of animating puppet faces in post production. This system consisted of using roto shapes for pupils, skin patching for blinks and grid warping the mouths. The films also had numerous green screen composites and required the integration of CG smoke and shattered glass created using particles in Nuke.
  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Rotoscoping
  • After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
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  • May 12, 2015
Breakdown for Showreel shot by shot

Gorefest project "Escape Zero"
This shot involved the compositing of CG over footage
- Plasma torch CGI component, one pass with grading, reshaping with rotoscoping
- Slag Incandescence, reflection and specular passes, grading and roto
- Smoke One pass with rotoscoping
- Sparks Incandescence and glow source passes with rotoscoping
- Overall glow added with light wrap on the end of the gun
- Shadow on lock One CGI pass with grading
- Light on lock Coloured light projection
- Grading hand/gun Keying the red light on the hand and gun, huecorrect and exposure

Graduation Film "The Earth Belongs To No One"
This shot required placing the front of one building over the back of another, with the complication being that the front of the building is a static shot while the shot used in the film had rotation in the camera movement
- Cleanup on the building including replacing one of the windows and moving the original sign making it more visible in the shot
- Grid warping the building to match the perspective of the other buildings in shot
- Colour grading to get a better integration of the building and keying the sky to enhance the clouds

Graduation Film "Suicide is Easy"
- Cleanup with the removal of all trees though the use of camera tracker and projection

Graduation film "Suicide is Easy"
- Cleanup of fire alarm and wall switch with rotopainting and patching

Graduation film "Fulfilament"
- Removal of wire rig painted out frame by frame due to the rotation of the object in the shot

Graduation Film "ManOMan"
- Gridwarping the puppet mouths in time with the singing in the music
- Compositing all 7 separate puppets into the shot using IBK keying
- Rain element and adjustments to puppets based on the directors briefing for size, focus etc

Grad film "The Escapist"
- Rotoscoping the man hanging upside in a straightjacket for compositing back in the scene
with CGI (Compositing and cgi done by other students)

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