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Nikolaos Maragkos

UK,  Tynemouth Teesside University,  MA Computer Animation and Visual Effects,  October 31, 2015
I am a self taught 3d generalist, originally from Greece, living in Tynemouth, UK.
Visual effects have always been my passion, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to leave everything else behind and put all of my effort into becoming a succesful effects artist.
Over the last couple of years I am constantly trying to improve my skills through systematic reading, self-studying and experimenting with various software tools as well as keeping abreast of developments in the field. In addition, I enrolled for a Master’s Degree in Animation and Visual Effects at Teesside University in September 2014.
My particular interest lies in effects simulations, texturing, lighting and rendering and I mostly focus my training in these areas, but I am able and willing to work in any other aspect of the production pipeline, of which I have an excellent understanding.
My previous professional experience in business management has equipped me with a number of qualities and skills, which I consider quintessential for a successful career in the vfx industry too. Among them, I would certainly like to emphasise my extensive experience in time and resource management, meeting deadlines, effectuating results and product delivery, as well as team leadership.
I am, therefore, confident that if I am presented with an opportunity of getting professionally involved in the fascinating field of VFX, I will be able to take my abilities to the next level and produce extraordinary results.
  • Compositing
  • FX/Simulations
  • Lighting
  • Look Development
  • Matchmove
  • Modeling
  • Texture Painting
  • 3D Equalizer
  • 3ds Max
  • After Effects
  • Boujou
  • Maya
  • Mental Ray
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
  • V-Ray
  • Student of the Year
  • 1129 Page Views
  • 5 Images
  • May 03, 2015
The first part of the demo consists of a complete scene that was created by myself from start to finish (appart from a couple of 3d models used). The purpose was to go through all the aspects of the pipeline of integrating CG assets over live action footage. Several software tools and techniques were used during the process. The tracking was done in Boujou, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering in maya using arnold renderer and the final compositing in Nuke. I went out to shoot my own HDR image used for the IBL setup and also used macbeth colour charts to help in the colour correction process. For the tent I used the cloth simulator to get the initial state of the tent that I wanted and I worked wuite a lot with displacement maps in order to get the extra details. The actual geometry of the model is quite simple.
The rest of the demo consists of various experimentatios and wip in areas that I am mostly interested in, namely texturing/lighting and fx simulations. For my effects work I use mainly 3d studio max with pflow and various plugins, eg. fumefx, thinking particles, krakatoa etc. I also use maxscript to automate things; for example in the fire shot at 01:53 the bounced light on the walls is automatically created (as a separate render pass) based on the actual fire sim and the fire sparks are also mainly driven by the velocities of the fire sim.

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