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Jonathan Granskog

Finland,  Espoo Aalto University,  Computer Science and Engineering,  May 30, 2020
I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student from Finland. I've only completed my first year of studies so far and I've learned everything I know of Computer Graphics/VFX in my spare time. Most of it from FXPHD, where I've taken courses for over three years now. My main focus is SideFX Houdini and Programming.
  • FX/Simulations
  • Programming
  • After Effects
  • Houdini
  • Maya
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
  • Real Flow
  • Renderman
  • Student of the Year
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  • 4 Images
  • May 03, 2015
1. Sandstorm - TDU Rent-a-mentor Project: I'm working on a sandstorm simulation for my tdu rent-a-mentor course. I'm currently doing feedback loops with my mentor. There are a lot of microsolvers used in this project, mostly for masking turbulence, dissipation and other forces. The plants are simulated using wires and tiny debris are simulated with particles, all extra elements are advected using a low resolution version of the simulation.

2. Iceberg Waterfall - Personal Project: I simulated around 80 million FLIP water particles for the main waterfall and around 30 million for the ocean in separate simulations. In addition to that amount I also simulated air particles, which are causing most of the interesting movement in the FLIP sim. I also modified the FLIP solver's droplet detection method, it wouldn't recognize the water droplets because there were always air particles around the water particles and sometimes particles would get stuck in the air.

3. Force Field - FXPHD HOU212 Course Project: What I wanted from the effect was a force field forming from particles thrown from the character's hand and the idea was that when the character stomps on the rune the spell is activated. After the spell is over the rune disappears. The project's focus was on designing your own force field effect from scratch. I did everything except the animation.

4. VEX R&D - Growth System: This system is programmed in an Attribute Wrangle that's ran once every frame. It checks for nearby points that are not connected to the branching structure and connects them. Its pattern is mostly based on how the points are scattered on the surface or in the volume of the object.

5. VEX R&D - Cloth Solver: A mass-spring cloth solver (with diagonal springs) written in a point-wrangle that's inside of a SOP solver. There are self-intersections happening because I haven't written any collision detection into the solver. It can solve any geometry that is made up of quads.

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