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Himanshu Solanki

India,  Mumbai Arena Animation Andheri (W) Mumbai,  ARENA ANIMATION INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM (AAIP - ANIMATION),  May 21, 2015
Hi, I had passed AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Test ). I got a seat in NIT Jaipur with Metallurgical Engineering Branch . I was always interested to be with Computers so I dropped my engineering degree after 2 years . In those 2 years i discovered myself with help of 40 mbps internet of my institute . I learned Linux /Web Cms / After effects/Max.
Then I came Mumbai and Joined Animation Diploma.Mumbai gave me huge room to know about visual effects.
When I started Dynamics/Fx in classes. It was very good to hear words like vectors,navier stokes equation, Monte Carlo. I revised my all old notes of Physics about Kinematics, Newtons Laws, Circular Motion and more. That Gave me a Uniform Boost in Self Learning.Because of it , I was asked at first by any student / Group in my mumbai institute if they have problem to understand a dynamic attribute.
In Arena I lead two Student Projects. Both were First Place Winner in West Zone Animation VFX Competition (Creative Mind 14-15)
Now ,
I am looking for internships and a first step to get into the industry to prove my love with Image Creation technology. I am also available for freelance. | 91-9004649461 LinkedIn :

  • Compositing
  • FX/Simulations
  • Lighting
  • Look Development
  • Programming
  • 3ds Max
  • After Effects
  • Boujou
  • Houdini
  • Mari
  • Maxwell Renderer
  • Maya
  • Mental Ray
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
  • Real Flow
  • V-Ray
  • Student of the Year
  • 4352 Page Views
  • 12 Images
  • May 04, 2015
Most of the Shots are from my final Sem Submission.(Modeling/Texturing not done by me)
Detail Breakdown
----Shot-1 00:03 "Alien Entry"----
Rendered with Arnold Maya and Composed in Foundry Nuke using Alembic Workflow

----Shot-2 00:06 "Medieval City(Self Project)"----
Match-moved with Pftrack, Lighting & Rendering with Maya Mr(Ships) / Maya Vray(Castle), Composed with Foundry Nuke.

----Shot-3 00:40 "RoboEscape(Self Project- Thanks to DT for asset)"----
Match-moved with Pftrack, Lighting/Shading & Rendering with Maya Vray(ROBO), Composed with Foundry Nuke.

----Shot-4 00:53 "A-Window(Oscar Short Film Class Project)"----
Shading/Lighting/Rendering with Maya Arnold and Composed with Foundry Nuke.

----Shot-5 01:12 "Doc with Gun(Oscar Short Film Class Project)"----
nCloth, Lighting/Rendering with MayaVray(No GI) and Composed with Foundry Nuke.

----Shot-6 01:19 "Spaceship(Oscar Short Film Class Project)"----
Lighting/Rendering with MayaVray and Composed with Foundry Nuke using alembic workflow /Projection.

Dynamics with Maya Fluid/Fumefx and last one with Houdini Pyro (Thanks to Carlos )

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