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Hannah Kang

United States of America,  Los Angeles Gnomon School of Visual Effects,  Entertainment Design & Digital Production,  January 23, 2015
Hi everybody! I'm Hannah Kang. I'm not going to really go into where I'm from or how I loved doing art ever since I was young. Because it doesn't really matter where I'm from, I love to model. So what I would like to talk about is why I need your guys support! Attending Gnomon School of Visual Effects for the past 3 years (recently graduated!), I would have not been able to be where I am today without the support of my family, friends, and all the teachers and staffs. It was such a humbling and rewarding experience, and I still have much to learn. Spending many sleepless nights infront of a computer with roller coasters of emotions by reminding yourself to not give up, Im sure many people here can definitely relate to that. Lot of times it was very much a mind game within myself (I guess it comes as a package of wanting to be an artist :) ). However, every project I was tackling was a chase a little closer to my dream. I am still in the process of chasing after my dream which is working in feature animation. I have a passion for modeling and bringing concepts to life. In order to bring my dream to life, I need everyone's support because I can not do this without you guys! Every vote counts and I will be very thankful for every vote! Thanks for reading ;)
  • Concept Art
  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Texture Painting
  • After Effects
  • Mari
  • Maya
  • Mental Ray
  • Mudbox
  • Photoshop
  • UV Layout
  • V-Ray
  • Zbrush
  • Student of the Year
  • 8586 Page Views
  • 7 Images
  • April 05, 2015
1. Concept by Peet Cooper. Modeled in Zbrush. Rendered in Maya & Vray.
2. Concept by Chris Sanders. Modeled in Zbrush & Maya. Rendered in Maya & Vray.
3. Concept by me! Hannah Kang. Modeled in Zrbush. Rendered in Maya & Vray.
4. Concept by Norman Rockwell. Modeled in Zbrush. Rendered in Maya & Vray.
5. Concept by Chris Sanders. Modeled in Zbrush & Maya. Textured in Mudbox and Mari. Rendered in Maya & Vray.
6. Stockton Terminal Eastern locomotive No. 1. Modeled in Maya
7. Iron Giant. Modeled in Maya. Textured in Mudbox. Rendered in Maya & Vray.
8. Credits: Concept art by me, Hannah Kang. Painted in Photoshop

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