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Dheeraj Varandani

India,  Jaipur Savannah College of Art and Design,  Bachelor in Fine Arts: Visual Effects,  May 31, 2018
I am an 18 years old Freshman pursuing Bachelor in Fine Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design. I am a passionate artist and see myself as someone who creates artwork with blend of technology and creativity. After I graduate, I want to work as a CG artist.
  • Generalist (all)
  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Rigging
  • After Effects
  • Maya
  • Mental Ray
  • Photoshop
  • Renderman
  • Student of the Year
  • 2143 Page Views
  • 6 Images
  • May 12, 2015
I am an 18 year old freshman, studying Visual Effects at Savannah College of Art and Design. This demo reel includes my CG Work.

1. Jack in the Box (March 2015):
This is my first project using Pixar’s RenderMan, the theme is “What goes around comes around”. I modeled and built the whole scene using Autodesk Maya, textured, lit and rendered using Pixar’s Renderman.

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2. Taj Mahal (December 2010):
Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I modeled and textured the whole monument using Autodesk Maya, and used Physical Sun and Sky (mental ray) for lighting.

3. Solitude (June 2014):
I modeled, textured and lit the room and the props using Autodesk Maya, rendered in Mental Ray. The rigged model of the character is by Josh Burton.

4. Ducati Bike (November 2012):
I modeled, textured and lit the bike using Autodesk Maya, rendered using Mental Ray.

5. Fluid Simulator (February 2015):
I coded the tool using Python and MEL in Autodesk Maya. It generates fluid using nDynamics. The user can adjust various attributes of the liquid such as Density, Viscosity, Stickiness, Volume, Bounce and Friction. It also has some preset liquids like water and oil that user can use.

6. Haunted Castle (February 2012):
I modeled, textured and lit the whole scene using Autodesk Maya, textures were created using Adobe Photoshop, rendered using Mental Ray.

7. Bus Stop (January 2011):
I modeled, textured, lit and animated the whole scene using Autodesk Maya, with the exception of few Mental Ray shaders. The rendering was done in Mental Ray.

8. Disney Cinderella Castle (February 2011):
I modeled and textured the castle using Autodesk Maya, with exception of few Mental Ray shaders, lit the scene using Physical Sun and Sky (mental ray). The scene was rendered using Mental Ray.

9. Indian Tea Stall (April 2015):
I wrote the scene description for modeling, texturing and lighting in RenderMan’s RIB (RenderMan Interface Bytestream) format, and rendered it using IT Renderer. I used the text editor called Cutter created by Professor Malcolm Kesson.

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