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Christine Ridgway

United States,  Boise, ID University of Idaho,  Digital Imaging,  December 07, 2017
I'm Christine Ridgway, I'm a junior Bachelors of Fine Arts Major with an emphasis on digital illustration currently attending the University of Idaho. Previously, I attended Ringling College of Art and Design but sadly due to health I had to move away from Florida where the school is located.
My artistic goals for myself are to be a storyboard and visual development artist for an animation company. Creating a play-by-play graphic novel of an animated feature sounds like a fun job and I want to be able to do what I love for a living.
My art making practice is motivated by several things; I am an illustrator at heart so the story has to be clear through the images I use and the expression and poses of the subjects. I am also a huge animal lover, especially birds, so animal stories either starring feral or anthropomorphic characters are big inspirations for me from old classics like Bambi and Watership Down to modern day internet phenomenon, Lackadaisy Cats. Thirdly I love exploring different settings for a story to take place. My favorite setting so far is the American West. New frontiers and explorers against the untamed wilds has sparked plenty of art from me, including a novel I am getting published. Drawing from my novel is what first sparked the idea of a career in illustration, though my love of animation has remained strong. I am comfortable working in nearly all mediums from pencil, watercolors and clay to computer and tablet. I hope to land an internship this summer at Nickelodeon Studios and learn to hone my skills under the tutelage of professionals. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to achieve my dream job working in a studio environment doing what I love.
Concept Art Photoshop
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  • May 12, 2015
My video is a narrative of the prologue of my comic, it set the scene for the main plot in the synopsis below:

When a quail ranch gets caught in the sights of a notorious western outlaw a young mouse, Scott Thorn gets in big trouble. Taken captive by the reptilian thieves after they attack him and his brother at home, Scott is taken into the wilds of the desert, towards the head quarters of the evil Sol Diablo himself to be forced into slavery in the canyon mines. But villainous plans go awry when a rebellious Jumper, named Sam gets tangled up in the whole mess. Now the unlikely duo must band together or else face a fate worse then death.

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