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Chethna Kabeerdoss

USA,  College Station Texas A & M University,  Visualization,  May 31, 2016
Chethna Kabeerdoss is currently a second year graduate student in the M.S Visualization/Computer Graphics program at Texas A & M University, Department of Visualization. She specializes in creating digital effects, developing/coding physically based simulations, procedural rigging and problem solving for computer animation. She enjoys developing creative solutions for technical challenges pertaining to the computer graphics workflow.
  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Concept Art
  • Design
  • Editing
  • FX/Simulations
  • Generalist (all)
  • Lighting
  • Look Development
  • Matte Painting
  • Modeling
  • Programming
  • Rigging
  • Story Development
  • Texture Painting
  • 3D Coat
  • After Effects
  • Houdini
  • Mari
  • Maya
  • Mental Ray
  • Mudbox
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
  • Renderman
  • Unity 3D
  • UV Layout
  • Zbrush
  • Student of the Year
  • 4212 Page Views
  • 6 Images
  • May 13, 2015
1. BREAKING ICE - [work in progress]

Houdini, Maya, Nuke

Effects Independent study with a leading effects artist from Dreamworks Animation. Story boarded a 'ice breaking' effect and working on completing it. Created 2 different procedural cracking tool which is used in achieving the 'ice breaking' effect. Also created a procedural ice shader. This is a work in progress.

2. BREAK AN EGG - [work in progress]

Houdini, Nuke

Trying to replicate a real world effect. Thin shelled cracking, interaction of two fluids with different viscosity. Inner membrane tear implementation is still a work in progress.


Maya, Python and MEL

This art directable tool helps animators to shape the LED eyes of the robot. Running the code generates a GUI and control curves. Translating and scaling the curves help turning the LEDs on and off. The GUI can be used to do the same, and also key frame the controls.


Maya, Python and MEL

Scripted custom rig and controls for the Triceratops. Also created a procedural walk cycle (symmetrical diagonal foot fall pattern) animation for it.


Houdini, Nuke

A particle system is used to create the spinning galaxy; this is done procedurally. A fluid system is created using the same particles to emit gas. Another particle system is added to create the background stars. Custom shader is written for the galaxy and the background stars. Compositing is done in Nuke.

6. DECIDO - Non Photo-realistic Rendering of a Painting

Maya, Houdini, Nuke

This is a 3D representation of a painting by Rachel Cunningham. I am responsible for modeling, shading, lighting and compositing. Grass is done using hair system in Maya; the water geometry is created in Houdini.

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