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Fungaut Surphet

Thai,  Bangkok Sripatum university,  digital arts,  February 04, 2016
My work to the raising children using psychology raising needs readiness within the minds of children by the media as the VDO art.

Since children rely on the raising of adults for several years. Will be able to help themselves and the economy. Therefore, a child is raised the training are important factors to make the child physical and generous fully according to potential of each child. To this parents or caregivers need to be able to raise and train children appropriately based on their experience. And to seek more knowledge from reading the book or the know.
Essential for the growth and survival of human being can be divided into two types.

- Necessary for the body, such as the symptoms of air temperature suitable clothing, housing and medical care and illness And so on.

- Essential for the mind to make humans that live peacefully, can a quality that is to assemble, work to benefit themselves. The family and the society.

If the child has been but necessary for the complete body. But the lack of necessary for the mind. We could have children shape tall standard, exactly, but may seem not as happy lonely not cheerful. Tame locating Or aggressive behavior, like destroyed or can be responsible according to their age.

I'm making a Vdo art 4 form 4 clips published to provide knowledge about raising children.
1. Stimulate appropriately
- Stimulation of the proper development is based on the ages of the children, such as infancy, newborn need dedication start contact, smile talking to hear sound. When I grow up want to increase, such as play, talking.
2.- Security and protection
Feeling safe stable of children from the surrounding environment, especially the parents, if the parents had good family peace. The child will not feel afraid of being abandoned. Often children found that physical symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, without a physical illness was the cause, but the relationship with the time a child is born feel stress. Feel afraid to see my parents fighting assault or going to divorce. In addition, children still need to feel the adults can protect their. Don't let the danger to himself. Children should be protected from physical harm, such as various accidents. And should be protected from receiving damage severely mentally.
3.- Energy use in a creative way
Childhood is the age with the power on. The child must be given a chance to take power in a creative way, such as playing the sport exercise in defeats various other activities. If the adults did not understand this may want a child living in peace. May make a child internalizing to express tame infiltration or slack not cheerful. There is no initiative.
4.- Love and warmth
The boy felt want their parents or caregivers, and love. Feel that self is needed. The parents feel that they are accepted. Children should not feel that their parents mind like bias, rejected or not is want to be forced to raise their excess. And should not feel inferiority or ketosis monies, attitude, or the attitude of adults above this had a strong influence on the minds of children. About the attitude of parents to children. What is important to mention is the child needs love properly. Not love so much as no boundaries, such as atom heart everything without reason and become one always could not endure the condition that normal people should be patient. A defect of personality.
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  • May 16, 2015

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