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Alexander Richter

Germany,  Ludwigsburg Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg,  Technical Directing,  April 03, 2017
» It all started with an oil lamp
As a child I got in the possession of an VHS cassette with the cartoon film Aladdin from Disney on it. For two months straight I watched this film at least two times a day. Like most children I watched a lot of cartoons even if they were in English and I didn´t understand a word at that time. After some time I started to draw to write to act and to make music because I wanted to recreate what I had saw and heard on tv and cinema.

» From law to media
After I graduated from school the only thing I knew was that I wanted to work with media.
So I started studying law ... in my defence: My specialisation should be media law. After 3 years an internship and a start in media law I realized that it was not enough of what I wanted.
A friend of mine quoted: ‘The lawyer who is secretly an artist.’

» From media to technic
I turned my back on law took with me what I have learned and started to study Medieninformatik.
To my surprise I found there the foundation I needed: multiple topics from informatic, 3D, design, media psychology and good people.
With this knowledge I worked as a Technical Director Intern at the Animationsfabrik GmbH in Hamburg for my bachelor thesis and liked it very much. So I started to study this profession at the only place I could:
At the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

» What is important?
What I learned the most was that at first the team matters. Nice people with great knowledge and a fine culture are most important. After that comes an ambitious project small or big doesn´t matter. And at last a little bit of inspiration and success here and there.

» If it is possible - we should try
Understanding most processes of a VFX and Animation Motion Picture is important for me to give not just support but also to have the ability to supervise if necessary. It is not just important to create the right pipeline for the project it is key for me as an artist and technician to give my very best and to get ambition into reality.

Hey, I am Alex!
  • Compositing
  • Editing
  • Lighting
  • Look Development
  • Programming
  • Sound Design
  • UI Design
  • After Effects
  • Avid
  • Maya
  • Mental Ray
  • Photoshop
  • Unity 3D
  • V-Ray
  • Student of the Year
  • 1438 Page Views
  • 7 Images
  • May 01, 2015
In order of appearance in the showreel:

Animan (Animation Film | 2015)
Technical Director - Pipeline | Shading | Lighting | Rendering | Motion Capture | Photogrammetry

For this full cg animation film for the ITFS 2015 I created the working pipeline with name conventions, structure, workflow and some minor scripts for easier handling.
I shaded the character whose mesh and texture was created with photogrammetry which process I researched and supervised. With the two director we created a motion capture 360° tracking system where we captured the movements of animals (dog, cat and a buzzard) by recording their movements with 12-16 GoPros circled around them.
The human and the set is shaded and lighted in Arnold in Maya by me. For the lighting I mainly used practical lights to give the scene a maximum of authenticity. The rendering of the 23 shots was also done by me.

Drool Pool (Animation Film | 2015)
Technical Director - Pipeline | Lighting | Rendering

At this full cg animation film for the ITFS 2015 I created the working pipeline close to the one for Animan to provide better service for both projects because one project can always benefit from the other.
I lighted most of the shots besides the last two but all shown in the showreel. At the rendering process I helped out by killing fireflies, created a pass for ambient occlusion, created separate light passes and helped out with the overall rendering process.

The 7th Dwarf (Animation Film | 2014)
Technical Director - Pipeline | Lighting

At this animation film I worked on the 3d pipeline in 3Ds Max mainly with MaxScript and addition of .Net. I transferred the whole pipeline into a simpler and library driven script network with better UI, standard interfaces, more help for the artist, better documentary for artist and scripter and optimized scripts. I wrote my bachelor thesis about this process:
structuring and creating a 3d studio pipeline
I also had the chance to light fourteen shots of the movie. All the shots shown in my showreel were lighten by me.

Cleopatra (Short Film | 2014)
Technical Director – Motion Capture | Data Wrangler

Cleopatra was a VFX set extension workshop in which my role was to capture the camera movements with OPTITRACK so the director had a live feedback during the recording and for the use in the postproduction. Additionally I had the supervision about the recordings.

Planeta De Queso (Animation Film | 2015)
Compositor | Color Correction & Grading

This ITFS 2015 trailer is completely made out of clay. My part was on one hand to give creative and technical supervision to do the postproduction as smoothly as possible and on the other hand to do the compositing: Chroma key, erasing mistakes, matching layers, adding effects and handling the data files. I also did the color correction and parts of the grading.

Keinohrhase und Zweiohrkuecken (Animation Film | 2013)
Technical Director – Software

At this project I had just a minor role of writing some data handling software.

Note: The 7th Dwarf & Keinohrhase und Zweiohrkuecken were professional projects I worked on when I wrote my bachelor thesis.

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