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Tom Delboo

Belgium / UK,  Kortrijk / Cambridge HOWEST ,  Digital arts and enterainment,  June 26, 2015
I`m in my last year of education at Digital Arts and Entertainment in kortrijk, Belgium.
At the moment I`m enjoying my 6 month internship at Guerrilla Games Cambridge.
During my time on school I learned a big spread of different skills over the last couple of years.
This ranges from programming and scripting to 2D and 3D.

  • Concept Art
  • Design
  • Editing
  • Generalist (all)
  • Level Design
  • Modeling
  • Pre-visualisation
  • Programming
  • Rigging
  • Texture Painting
  • 3D Coat
  • 3ds Max
  • After Effects
  • Keyshot Renderer
  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal 4
  • UV Layout
  • Zbrush
  • Student of the Year
  • 1746 Page Views
  • 5 Images
  • May 13, 2015
shot 01 : sec 00 - 04 : Game Res Excavator (from taking ref pictures to modelling Hires , baking to Lowres and BPR texturing (no procedural texturing software was used nor photographs apart from warning decals ) ) (3dsmax, photoshop, xnormal and marmoset 2)
for more :

shot 02 : sec 04 - 08 : Is a next gen game res face with bpr skin texture inside marmoset 2 made from scratch. (3dsmax, photoshop, xnormal, roadkill, zbrush and marmoset 2)
for more :

shot 03 : sec 08 - 12 : Shows a startscreen for an imaginary game. Here I focused on shaders and producing environment assets such as rocks to be used in the Unreal Engine 4. (3dsmax, zbrush, xnormal, photoshop and Unreal 4)
for more :

shot 04 : sec 12 - 17 : Is a shot from a handpainted Lowres Environment I made inside Unreal 4. During this project I learned Blueprints inside UE4 by making a small flysimulator with small objectives around the level.

shot 05 : sec 17 - 21 : Is a shot from a 2D game called TiedTogether. I made this game to practice 2D physics programming in C++. Biggest challenge was the elastic cord between the two players.
for more :

shot 06 : sec 21 - 23 : Braid was a game that left a big impression on me. How time can be such a big puzzle still fascinates me. So when I got the assignment to reproduce (only programming) an existing 2D platformer game I opted for Braid. Biggest challenge was the reverse time feature, because it had effect on each element in the game. (Almost all art is from Braid puzzled together from screenshots and spritesheets.)
for more :

shot 07 : sec 23 - 28 : After playing Hotline Miami and getting the assignment to make something playable in Unity I made this. I tried my hands on getting the fast paced 2D gamefeel from Hotline Miami into a 3D world.
for more :

shot 08 : sec 28 - 31 : Is the first shot of an animatic I made for the Unicorn-Hunter Character that will reappear in 3D at the end of this demo.
for more or/and the full animatic :

shot 09 : sec 31 - 35 : Are different sculpts from different racial backgrounds. The two things I focused upon during this project were learning different facial features (going away from the stereotypical female and male characters in games) and finding a good pipeline for quick sculpting, iterating and morphing between faces. Since all are sculpted on a highly optimised (+Uved) basemesh and subdivision levels are being kept intact. All faces have free LODs and can share textures between them. And since all the faces have the exact same topology these faces can be morphed easily in a Game engine. Which I tried out in UE4. (for video scroll down on linked site)
for more :

shot 10 : sec 35 - 39 : Is a turntable from my entry in a contest (4th place). The contest was about making something Ghibli inspired. I chose to integrate hayao miyazaki since he announced the retirement of the studio during the contest.
for more :

shot 11 : sec : 39 - 43 : Is a turntable from a very Low res little environment and a character. The environment was provided by the teacher since it was an assignment on handpainted texturing and eventually got featured on polycount recap. The character however is completely made from concept to final textured model by me.
for more (character) :
for more (environment) :

shot 12 : sec 43 - 48 : Is a character I made from concept to finish based on Somalian pirates.
for more :

shot 13 : sec 48 - 53 : is a turntable from the unicorn Hunter character mentioned before. This was mainly an assignment focused on fully unique IK/FK rig and a facial expressions control panel with morphtargets. This model is ready to be used for VFX animation purposes.
for more :

shot 14 : sec : 53 - fin Is the excavator model again from the beginning.

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