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Jonathan Toney

United States,  Raleigh Living Arts College,  Animation & Game Design,  December 18, 2016
As a second year student at my college, I am more or less just getting into learning about production level CG. The project I am submitting is the second environment I have modeled which was my final project last quarter (January to March 2015).

I was allotted 2 weeks to model and 1 week to UV map and texture. The goal of the project was to attain the aesthetic of an abandoned space station; more specifically the generator room of an abandoned space station.
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  • May 08, 2015
For this project I was given the choice of choosing an environment to model, as a fan of science fiction I chose to design and model the generator room of a futuristic space station. Given that there is no real reference for things that do not really exist I had to find images that could help me move in a decent design direction. My initial design approach was to build a completely clean and "new looking" environment. After this was done, I began the process of going through the environment and figuring out where the points of wear and tear would be. Running low on time to complete the project I relied on lighting to achieve the abandoned feel as best I could.

The large generator in the center of the room is based off of images of the Large Hadron Collider and fusion reactor that is being built by General Fusion. The design of the rooms form was inspired by geothermal generators, which sometimes require large man made chasms that run hundreds of feet into the ground to get to a temperature that is suitable for generating power.

Modeling the various objects that were used in the scene was fairly straight forward and simple as there weren't many complex forms. Getting the composition right was a different manner. Looking back now I feel the handrails are vastly out of place. Many other objects were designed and modeled for this project but were ultimately left out and/or scraped due to time constraints that left them untextured.
Large Hadron Collider (Reference)
Abandoned Tunnel (Reference)
International Space Station (Reference)
SkyLab (Reference)
Fusion Reactor (Reference)

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