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Adam Boyne

United Kingdom,  Hull University of Hull,  Computer Science With Games Development (With Industrial Experience),  July 15, 2015
My name is Adam Boyne and I am Games Programmer. I am currently studying Computer Science with Games Development (with Industrial Experience) at the University of Hull. I have spent the last year working tirelessly to not only better myself, but also those around me. I have been working as a Windows Games Ambassador to raise awareness of gaming and games development at both my university and across the country, I have been writing tutorials on games development and about my own experiences on both my blog and for, and I have also taken part in multiple game jams and organised the incredibly successful international game jam, the Meatly Jam. On top of all this I have been studying incredibly hard, working on my own games, and working on games as part of a team of three. Have a look at some of my screenshots and my show reel below, and don't forget to check out my blog and online portfolio. Hopefully, you'll think that all this is enough to be Student of the Year, but if you have any suggestions or recommendations please let me know!
  • FX/Simulations
  • Generalist (all)
  • Level Design
  • Modeling
  • Programming
  • Sound Design
  • Story Development
  • UI Design
  • 3ds Max
  • Photoshop
  • Unity 3D
  • Student of the Year
  • 1906 Page Views
  • 6 Images
  • April 02, 2015
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0:00 - Introduction
0:08 - Taurus: Space Command - Start Screen -
0:15 - The Event -
0:19 - Taurus: Space Command - Battle Mode -
0:24 - Grid Wars - - I developed the particle effects, menus, graphics, and UI
0:30 - Cell Block - I developed the central cell, graphics (minus the laser itself), and the mechanics of the game (scoring, moving, levels etc)
0:36 - Technical Demo - Infinite Terrain - Developed by myself using a Perlin Noise generator
0:40 - The Event -
0:43 - Clocked On -
0:46 - Taurus Space Command - Collect The Rings Mode -
0:53 - End and Credits
Space Battles in Taurus
The Entrance Hall of the Hospital in The Event
Leaving the starting area in The Event
Dodge the asteroids in Clocked On
The Game Screen from Grid Wars
War in Taurus

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