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The School of the Year results were calculated based on the final results from entries submitted by students to this years Awards. Points were awarded to each School based on data collected from entrants in Student of the Years (Games + VFX/Animation), Film of the Year, and Game of the Year categories*. The following data was then weighted to give each School their overall score:

  • Number of students who entered
  • Number of finalists
  • Number of Highly Commended
  • Number of Runner-Up
  • Number of Winners
  • Average Rank of Entry per School **
Congratulations to all the amazing Schools listed in the Top 20 Schools for 2015!

*The Bootcamp Placement category results were not included in calculations as selections by Judges are based on suitability to existing/upcoming jobs at studios and additional individual criteria per studio. In addition to this, the People's Choice category results were not included as this is a public vote and not voted by the official judging panel.

**Judges awarded each entry to the Awards a Rank. This was one of three possible levels: Slayer (A), Pressed (B), Thirsty (C). More information about Ranking here. For each School, the average Rank for their students entries were totalled giving each school an Average Rank of Students.



Gnomon - School of Visual Effects, Games and Animation

Gnomon is an innovative postsecondary school created with the goal of providing an educational environment unlike any other; to pioneer a more effective way of learning and a better way to prepare students for careers in games, visual effects and animation.

Gnomon’s instructors are working professionals who bring their passion and experience to the classroom. They use their real-world experience to ensure that Gnomon's curriculum moves in tandem with the industry.

Gnomon is proud to have successful alumni working all over the world.

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