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Henning Sandon takes on an internship at Framestore

Henning Sandon won an Internship and kicked off his career working with the incredible team at Framestore in London. Henning talks to us about his 8 week summer internship working on some kick ass projects

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Working as a VFX Supervisor at Double Negative

Andrew Whitehurst is a VFX Supervisor at Double Negative and explains his role liaising with clients, often the director of the film and the enormous teams of talented artists in the studio.

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Interview with Digital Sculptor Paul Braddock

Paul Braddock works at Animal Logic in Sydney doing everything from visual development, concept sculpting, character design, to leading modeling teams on larger projects. But most people don't realise he is a 3D printing guru who uses this technology to cast amazing works of art.

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Gerard Dunleavy and his internship at The Mill

CG Student Awards catches up with Gerard Dunleavy - Intern Winner 2012 who attended an internship at The Mill, London. He talks to us about his internship, what happened after winning the awards and what he's working on now.

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Rachel Amar and her internship with Prime Focus

CG Student Awards catches up with Rachel Amar - Intern Winner 2013  who attended an internship at Prime Focus. She talks to us about her internship, what happened after winning the awards and what she's working on now.

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From internship winner to world class concept artist

We speak to Kouji Tajima, an internship winner in the 2011 CG Student Awards. Kouji explains his workflow, his inspirations, and how he creates his amazing works of art. Kouji is now a well established conceptual designer for many high profile projects like Captain Harlock, Les Miserables, Total Recall remake, Dragon Age, Garo and more.