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Making of "Make it sound FAT"

Romwald Bogun along with six of his classmates went on a nine-month adventure. They ended up with a amazing short film that wouldn't look out of place on the big screen next to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Visually stunning and thoroughly entertaining. Check out how they made it!

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How to make a Photo-Realistic Nail Gun

Christian Peck has kindly written up his process for modeling, texturing and rendering of a nail gun. He's done a fantastic job of matching the reference material. He is currently studying at Think Tank Training Centre in Vancouver, Canada.

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Featured Tutorial - Raspberry Madness by Tuna Unalan

My name is Tuna Unalan and I am a CG Generalist with a concentration in lighting, rendering and look development. I am a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design. I will be explaining my workflow in creating “Raspberry Madness”.

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School of Visual Arts (SVA), MFA Computer Art

School of Visual Arts (SVA), MFA Computer Art program emphasizes creativity and a multidisciplinary approach to producing innovative animation, motion graphics and fine art within a state-of-the-art digital studio. Our goal is to develop artists becoming leaders in their chosen field by producing significant creative work throughout their careers.

in News - Where junior talent is discovered

Launched by the team behind the CG Student Awards, Alwyn Hunt and myself (Andrew McDonald) are pumped to announce beta testing has started for a free portfolio system and advanced job application system for junior artists that is hooked directly into the worlds' leading production studios. 

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The making of Pancakes by Jung In Wang

Being from South Korea, my usual breakfast consisted of rice, hot soup, and some side dishes that my mom prepared. When I came to United States to study Visual Effects, I was introduced to the wonderful world of breakfast food!

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Students Assemble! Show Marvel Your Best Work and Make Comic Book History!

Any students looking to showcase their talent, get advice from top-tier professionals, gain invaluable real-world experience, and build their portfolio? If so, Adobe has the perfect opportunity! We've teamed up with Marvel to make comic book history and give students a chance to apply their cutting edge skills.

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RebusFarm Early Bird Giveaway - Winners

To celebrate the launch of the 2015 CG Student Awards and the release of RebusFarm 2.0, our amazing partners at RebusFarm are giving away 5,000 renderpoints. The results are in.... find out if you are a winner!


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Making of 'Maasai Warrior' by Maria Carriedo

Hello! My name is Maria Carriedo, I'm originally from Mexico City, although I'm currently living and studying in Los Angeles, at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. I'm going to go through the creation process of my latest work, "Maasai Warrior".

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Morten Jæger talks about his internship experience at The Mill

Morten Jæger won an Internship and kicked off his career working with the incredible team at The Mill in London. Morten talks to us about his 8 week summer internship working on some kick ass projects.

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Introduction to 3D

If you're a beginner in 3D, you're perhaps just starting to realize how huge of a world you're stepping into. Here's an Introduction to 3D. We're going to try to help you to get an overview of what 3D actually is.

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Making of 'Initium' by Adrien Lambert

Adrien has created a detailed breakdown of the creation process for one of the environments for a short film called Initium, Adrien was one of a team of students from ArtFX in France to complete the short. His final demo reel was selected as the overall winner for last years 'Student of the Year' for VFX.

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An Epic life at Epic games

Min Oh tells us about his journey from winning the 2014 CG Student Awards "Next Gen Gaming" internship, to eventually being hired by Epic Games.

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Early Bird Entry - RebusFarm Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the 2015 CG Student Awards and the release of RebusFarm 2.0, our amazing partners at RebusFarm are giving away 5,000 renderpoints to ten (10) lucky entrants who upload their work before 1st April 2015.


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The mastermind behind Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Alwyn Hunt sits down and has a chat with Alex Alvarez founder of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and an all-around good guy!