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Making of a "Rebel Fighter" by Alexey Vasilyev

Alexey Vasilyev was kind enough to put together of a fantastic breakdown of his Rebel Fighter. Alexey goes through the whole process from concept to final renders, which look incredible! Having finished studying at Think Tank Training Centre Alexey now works as a Character Artist at Electronic Arts (EA)

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Making of "The Beast" by Javier Blanco

Javier Blanco has created an incredibly detailed breakdown of the creation process for his very first demo reel piece at Think Tank Training Centre, with Chris Nichols as my mentor. Javier tells us it was a long and tough process of learning, creation and hard work, but also a hell of a lot of fun! 

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The Making of "The Count"

Talented Malaysian-born Daniel Kho recently graduated from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles. Daniel gives us a great breakdown of his "The Count". We were impressed with the he was able to match the concept art so closely.

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The Making of a Mutated Raptor

Joshua Wu was kind enough to give us a breakdown of his Mutated Raptor character. Josh has been studying at 3D Sense Media School in Singapore and was able to call on the very talented Derrick Song as his mentor.

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The Making of a Demonic Warrior

Omar Aweidah shares his workflow as he demonstrates how he models, textures and renders his Demonic Warrior.

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How to make a Photo-Realistic Nail Gun

Christian Peck has kindly written up his process for modeling, texturing and rendering of a nail gun. He's done a fantastic job of matching the reference material. He is currently studying at Think Tank Training Centre in Vancouver, Canada.

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Featured Tutorial - Raspberry Madness by Tuna Unalan

My name is Tuna Unalan and I am a CG Generalist with a concentration in lighting, rendering and look development. I am a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design. I will be explaining my workflow in creating “Raspberry Madness”.

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Making of 'Initium' by Adrien Lambert

Adrien has created a detailed breakdown of the creation process for one of the environments for a short film called Initium, Adrien was one of a team of students from ArtFX in France to complete the short. His final demo reel was selected as the overall winner for last years 'Student of the Year' for VFX.