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The Making of "The Count"

Talented Malaysian-born Daniel Kho recently graduated from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles. Daniel gives us a great breakdown of his "The Count". We were impressed with the he was able to match the concept art so closely.

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The Making of Camera Girl

Hannah Kang was kind enough to give us a breakdown of how she created this simple yet elegant image. It's amazing how a pose can change the whole dynamics of a character and that's why we were drawn to this image. Hannah currently works at Legacy Effects and studied at Gnomon School of Visual Effects

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The Making of a Demonic Warrior

Omar Aweidah shares his workflow as he demonstrates how he models, textures and renders his Demonic Warrior.

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The making of Pancakes by Jung In Wang

Being from South Korea, my usual breakfast consisted of rice, hot soup, and some side dishes that my mom prepared. When I came to United States to study Visual Effects, I was introduced to the wonderful world of breakfast food!

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Making of 'Maasai Warrior' by Maria Carriedo

Hello! My name is Maria Carriedo, I'm originally from Mexico City, although I'm currently living and studying in Los Angeles, at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. I'm going to go through the creation process of my latest work, "Maasai Warrior".

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The mastermind behind Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Alwyn Hunt sits down and has a chat with Alex Alvarez founder of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and an all-around good guy!