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Launched by the team behind the CG Student Awards, Alwyn Hunt and myself (Andrew McDonald) are pumped to announce beta testing has started for a free portfolio system and advanced job application system for junior artists that is hooked directly into the worlds' leading production studios.

At present there are countless well-established portfolio systems and job boards available online, and lets face it, the market is flooded. However, the problem is that these sites are all aimed at top-end professionals with killer portfolios and glowing LinkedIn profiles with more film credits than Samuel L. Jackson (148 to date). For an artist trying to establish themselves and gain experience, these platforms simply don't cater to their needs and they quickly get lost amongst the competition and never receive the exposure they deserve.


  • Current portfolio sites are all aimed at top-end professionals with killer portfolios and glowing LinkedIn profiles with more film credits than Samuel L. Jackson.- Andrew McDonald (Co-Founder)


Another major hurdle faced by junior artists is the process of applying for jobs. More often than not, when an artist is looking for work they send their application to every studio they can find online and simply wait by their computer for a bite. Not only does this flood recruitment teams with unsolicited applications, but at no stage does an artist actually find out if their application has been viewed, whether they have the right skills, if they could do something to improve their application, or even if the job has been filled.

This is where comes into play, and this is why we are doing everything possible to redefine how junior talent is discovered.


Connecting studios with junior talent

For us, the reason for building started while working in the Visual Effect Industry when we realised there was a huge disconnect between recruiters and junior artists. Too often studios would struggle with the vast number of job applications and the lack of time to schedule review sessions with senior staff to help find candidates.

Even more frustrating to witness was seeing employees spend time reviewing job applications, providing comments and even adding scores about an artist, but they would never actually share this information. Having been junior artists ourselves we knew this type of transparency and insight was absolute gold and something that was incredibly valuable and critical to help every aspiring artist.

To make matters worse, some studios get sent so many jobs applications that they simply can't respond to everyone, let alone actually keep them informed about the progress of the job opening. 

This is why we have been developing in stealth mode for the last 12 months and working closely with both junior artists and recruitment teams to create a system specifically for new talent. 


  • Great idea with the connection between companies and artists. The prospect of getting feedback on your profile is just mouth watering!- Marque Pierre Søndergaard (beta tester)



So how does Tyroe work?

As a member you get a slick looking profile page where you can showcase your latest demo reel, gallery images, resume, skills, and "twitter-style" recommendations (no more lame LinkedIn recommendations).

The key here is that unlike other portfolio sites we don't waste time getting you page likes and five star comments, we focus on delivering your work directly to decision makers at studios looking to hire talent.

Once your profile is setup with, you become instantly visible to recruitment teams seeking talent for their next job. More often than not, studios often don't have time to advertise. They simply want to search their internal database and find vetted applicant. This is where comes into play and our tools allow recruiters to instantly search local talent and make contact.

With your profile, you also get access to a dedicated job application system full of junior positions in Visual Effects, Animation, and Games. If you like a job, simply click "Hire Me" and your application will be instantly delivered to the studio administrator and their team. The best part is that every time a team member views your profile, reviews your application, or even favourites your profile, you get notified. You will not only know how you are stacking up against your peers, but with every review and comment you can start earning an Industry Score that ranks your skills.


  • Tyroe is a fantastic portfolio and job seeking website for my students. It's really easy to create a portfolio to use for finding a job, and the backend is great to connect them with companies and feedback. Great stuff!" - Andrew Silke (Lecturer - University of New South Wales)




Powerful recruitment kit for studios

One of the biggest draw-cards for us, and the reason why so many junior artists are lining up for a profile is that Studios are really enjoying using as part of their process.

Every recruitment team member is setup with their own powerful dashboard for full collaboration and transparency in the recruitment process. At any point in time they will know exactly what job they are helping to hire for, which candidates they need to review, and they also have full access to search the database for talent.




  • I'm sure that Tyroe will become a website which you simply must be on if you are in Visual Effects Industry.- Mieszko Lacinski (beta tester)




Sharing knowledge and helping artists

As mentioned before, one of the biggest differences between and other job boards or portfolio sites is the direct connection of artists with studios. Studios are provided such a great set of intuitive tools that reviewing candidates - often a dreaded task -  actually becomes enjoyable. We also drive home the message that sharing feedback and offering tips is not only beneficial to the candidate but to the Studio as a whole.

The funny thing is, it amazes me how quickly Senior Staff forget what it was like trying to make a break in the industry. They quickly forget how amazing it was to showcase their work to an experienced professional for the first time, and how motivating it was to just be in the same room with them, let alone actually get a snippet of advice from such a guru.

This is why is gaining momentum, and why we are so proud of our achievement. The information has always been there for the sharing, we have just created a user friendly and safe way for this information to be shared and moderated, helping both sides of the fence and breaking down this unnecessary barrier.




Beta testing spots available now!

Anyway, enough talking about it! To get involved and secure your spot, head over to and register today. It's a first come, first served type of deal. We are currently inviting new groups each week so get involved and as always we would really like your feedback, ideas, and support.

Sign up today!


Oh yeah, the name... what gives?

ty·ro(e) : A beginner in learning something. 




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