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RebusFarm Early Bird Giveaway - Winners

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To celebrate the launch of the 2015 CG Student Awards and the release of RebusFarm 2.0, our amazing partners at RebusFarm are giving away 5,000 renderpoints to ten (10) lucky entrants who uploaded their work before 1st April 2015.

Congratulations to the following winners:


  • Antonio Buffa

  • Ashley Thundercliffe

  • Bruno Leveque

  • Chan Deng

  • Chelsea Moore

  • Hongsong Wu

  • Javier Blanco

  • Laura Nitz

  • Mandrin Gaudez

  • Pierre Marcantonio


We will be in touch with you so you can claim you 500 Renderpoints from RebusFarm! Make sure to get back to us and show off the amazing work you render.


What is RebusFarm?

It is a cloud-based render farm that instantly provides you with 3,000 XEON CPUs to render your animations and still-images. The best part is that it doesn't matter which 3D-application you're using,  the render farm supports them all!


What's new for 2.0?

The new automated render technology is designed to provide a seamless experience and to get you up and running in a matter of minutes. The monitoring of render jobs and the communication between the user workstation and the Rebus Render Farm is done in real-time!


The new RebusFarm 2.0 system consists of three components:

  • RebusDrop - enables the upload and download of the user data

  • Farminizer - an advanced plugin for your 3d software that makes sending error-corrected renderjobs easy

  • ControlCenter - for monitoring your jobs using any browser on any deviceFeatures



  • Easier workflow

  • Faster upload and download

  • Secure file transfers via sftp and added firewall compatibility

  • Easy access to your jobs from anywhere (ControlCenter)

  • You can now edit your online jobs and export new jobs even if there are still projects downloading/uploading. You no longer need to wait until all of your projects are loaded.(ControlCenter/Farminizer)

  • All updates are done automatically in the background. No time-killing local software updates anymore

  • Notifications about your render jobs in the system tray (RebusDrop)

  • More flexible priority changes: the priorities (economy, business, premium) can now be changed before the job starts to render or while it's rendering (ControlCenter)

  • Faster project export - while working on scenes the Farminizer already uploads relevant files in the background without impacting the user's workflow, so most of the files will already be uploaded when submitting the render job. (optional)



Check out the RebusFarm homepage

See how it works and watch the video tutorials on

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