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Rachel Amar and her internship with Prime Focus

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CG Student Awards catches up with Rachel Amar - Intern Winner 2013  who attended an internship at Prime Focus. She talks to us about her internship, what happened after winning the awards and what she's working on now.




What films have you worked on since winning the Internship?

Since winning the Internship, I went back on my own short movie : La Lettre. 


What's the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is improvement. You will learn ever and ever in CG. Work for 3 months on a film production was a big opportunity to discover more of the CG industry.




What was the best new trick/skill you've learned while on your internship?

I have improved my speciality : texturing. I discovered a new pipeline and I learnt to use Mari (The Foundry) and Linux.


What was it like presenting your work during a dailies session for the first time?

It was kind of stressful to see my work on a screen for the first time and have some feedbacks from VFX supervisors. However, they have been always behind me to improve my work until it goes perfectly.


Did you learn anything at school that you really didn't need to know?

Of course I learnt some stuffs I really didn't need to know at school, for example : how to model a hand in subdivs (which is a bit old-school). But the most of I learnt was really helpful though.




Did you have any creative input?

I guess it wasn't the kind of project which lets make any creative input, it was basically textures projections and uvs, textures had to be the most closer from the given references pictures.


Were you given responsibility for an asset or did you just help out?

I had more responsibilities than I expected, they gave me a lot of assets to texture, even characters, I was surprised. I'd say they considered me like a 3D artist more than an intern.


Did the schedule feel realistic for you to complete your tasks?

We used to have a task planning per week, most of the time it was cool. But sometimes it was a bit tricky to finish on time because we worked between two differents companies : Prime Focus and Double Negative. Then, we often had to face up two differents feedbacks, in fact even if assets have been approved by the production, it finally came back to modify it again two weeks later, it could sometimes happen 8 times for one same asset. so you can have a backlog of work to deal with. But I wasn't on the end of the chain. Indeed, rendering artists had much more responsibilities and overtime to finish everything before the deadline.


Did you make any big mistakes?

I didn't make any big mistakes. I was just a bit confused at first when I discovered the project's pipeline. But after few weeks I was finally on the right track.



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