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From internship winner to world class concept artist

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We speak to Kouji Tajima, an internship winner in the 2011 CG Student Awards. Kouji explains his workflow, his inspirations, and how he creates his amazing works of art. Kouji is now a well established conceptual designer for many high profile projects like Captain Harlock, Les Miserables, Total Recall remake, Dragon Age, Garo and more. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Kouji Tajima, 20 years old and I'm living in Japan. I really like drawing since I was a kid. I'm available for freelance 3D Modeler/Texture Artist since this year.


What inspired you to study computer graphics?

I was looking for 2D art school when I was 3rd grade in high school. But I was vaguely aware that I can not be a great artist with 2D art because my brother works as a graphic designer and his arts are really great. So, I thought I can not be a better than him. One day, I hear about 3DCG from my high school teacher. at that time I was firmly believed "I can be the top of the world! " but now thinking about then, I was a bit foolish.




What made you choose the school/training facility that you did?

Because many graduates are active in many countries such as Hollywood movie industry. And the school and course that I graduated is also famous in Japan.

Where do you want to end up in the industry?

I would like to be a great creature modeler like artist works at ILM, Weta, Blizzard, and so on. And I would like to have a workshop and also would like to help younger artist to improve their skills.


Can you explain more about your major student project?

We mainly learned the basic skills of Maya, such as polygon modeling, animation. I wanted to learn modeling, so I spent a lot of time just modeling. When I make a work that is going to be finished as an image and not for animation, I'm using Zbrush for model to finish after that import to Maya and rendering with mental ray with Maya. If it will using for animation, after finish of modeling with ZBrush, I will using Topogun to retopo. I guess the ideas of my works come from some movies and the works of artist that I respecting.



What were the biggest hurdles you faced with your major project?

I think keep making better than previous work is the hardest thing for me. but I also think keep making is the best way to keep making better thing. so, I'll keep making.


What are your artistic influences?

I inspired some movies and games. I saw "Masked Rider ZO" when I was 5 and I was really impressed, I think this is the first met me and creature. And I also like Resident Evil and some American Comics like Iron Man, Hulk, Daredevil, nd Spawn. Recently, I love to watch the sculpture made by Carlos Huante, Aris Kolokontes and Jordu Schell. They are great artists.


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