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Jam Jar World

Ellie Silkstone (developer), Marina Elderton (composing), Annie Lloyd (sound design),
United Kingdom,  Oxford National Film and Television School,  MA Games Design and Development,  February 20, 2016
My name is Ellie Silkstone and I am a second year student at the NFTS MA Games Design and Development course. I came to the course with very little experience of 3D modelling, programming, game design or development, having spent a few months prior to the commencement of my course learning basic principles in Blender and Unity in my spare time. I have been fully committed throughout my course so far and relish the opportunity to learn new software and techniques and expand my creative skillset.

Jam Jar World is a small-scale evolution simulator; it was the second practical project I undertook at the school and my first project as a solo developer. In Jam Jar world, the player begins with a small, nondescript little creature. Each time they interact with their creature, it evolves depending on how they have interacted. If the player places food in a tree, the creature grows a longer neck; if food is placed underground, the creature will burrow to get to it and grow longer legs as a result; if the player taps on the side of the jar, the creature may grow ears to listen to the player's taps, or may playfully charge in the direction of the noise, sprouting a pair of horns in the process. Jam Jar World is designed for mobile devices and also utilizes an input method unique to this platform: by shaking their device, the player can change the environment their little creature lives in, switching between a lush grassland to a wintry tundra.
Generalist (all)
  • 3ds Max
  • Photoshop
  • Unity 3D
Epic Games
  • Game of the Year
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  • May 13, 2015
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3D modelling of all elements featured was done by myself (Ellie) using 3DS Max and texturing in Adobe Photoshop. UI elements were also 3D modelled by myself in 3DS Max and then rendered as 2D sprites. The game engine used was Unity3D, with programming in C# lead by myself with assistance from school programming tutors.

2D background elements such as hills, sun and mountains were drawn by hand in oil pastel and then digitized and converted to 2D sprites.

Background wood texture was created by myself using a woodgrain texture from as a base, and manipulating in Photoshop to achieve an illustrated look.

Modelling, texturing, rigging and animating of character were also done by myself using 3DS Max, hand-drawn elements and Adobe Photoshop.

Music was composed by Marina Elderton, a composing student at my school (credited in-game as C'est Celestial)

Sound effects were provided by Annie Lloyd, a sound design student at my school.

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