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Stuff: The Abandoned Land

Individual Project,
United States,  New York Rochester Institute of Technology,  Computer Graphics Design,  May 24, 2015
Chien-Ju Peng is an interactive designer is recently completing his Master’s Degree in Computer Graphics Design at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. He is intermixing knowledge and experience in visual design and interactive development with solid understanding of production workflow. At same time, he is doing design and development with passion, curiosity and love.

Stuff: The Abandoned Land is my graduate thesis project that I designed and developed in Computer Graphics Design program at Rochester Institute of Technology. This is an interactive role-playing game web application designed to help teenagers and young adults understand environmental destruction and the importance of recycling and reducing waste. We are part of the production and consumption cycle but we can instead change our consumptive behavior in order to create a better future. This web application is designed for teenagers and young adults, ages 15 to 24. By developing an engaging interactive game application, we intended to focus the target audience’s attention on serious environmental topics.
  • Design
  • Level Design
  • Modeling
  • Programming
  • Story Development
  • UI Design
  • After Effects
  • Maya
  • Photoshop
Epic Games
  • Game of the Year
  • 2646 Page Views
  • 12 Images
  • May 12, 2015
This game was designed and developed by myself. I gave myself challenges to create the storyline, visual style, character design, environmental design, animation and developing in HTML5 Canvas with JavaScript.

Maya for modeling, texturing, rigging, character animation
Photoshop CC for character texture, environment design
Illustrator CC for user interface, tile, logo, home screen, introduction image design
AfterEffects CC for introduction animation
Sublime Text for developing HTML5 Canvas JavaScript game

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