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The Flying Dutchman

Sasu Catalin, Rutger Hauer,
Romania (RO),  Domnesti-Sat VFX L,  Getting wet in Maya and RealFlow,  April 01, 2015
Hi, I`m Sasu Catalin Iulian, currently I`m at my home, in the free time I learn/experiments with anything related to CG area (and even beyond...). Before I said more I`ll like to say that English is not my main language so, if I have any misspelling, just ... be patient. I studied economy and I finish my colleague around this time last year, but I had a passion for computers/science since 2004, when I got my first one, anyway , I begin study with CG around 3-4 years ago, but not too much like I did in the past 2 years or even more (from my colleague ending till now).
When I was in school I write about (and I did research also) about The Flying Dutchman, and I really was impressed to find what people thinking at that time about this mysterious ship. But, at that time I didn`t had the knowledge and of course the time also, to translate it into a "move-picture". That until 2 or 3 months ago when I start working on this short, of course I didn`t work 8/24 , and the rendering time, and you guys... anything that comes with it, hardware limitation, because I`m not "Bill Gates" to satisfy my needs.

I want to mention that I was also helped with voice over for this short by Rutger Hauer.
Anything else and in between done by my own knowledge/imagination.
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  • Maya
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  • V-Ray
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  • April 28, 2015
I begin by saying that I used Maya as my primary 3d package, and Nuke for the comping. All of the visual things done by me, helped by Rutger Hauer with voice over.
I also want to mention that due to render/simulation time some of the animation got down and as well the details. And the "Editing Team" (ME) should solve it accordingly.
I will let some images that will probably explain better the Storytelling-Concept-StoryBoard of this production so read it if you are interested in. I will probably add it here if I can edit it after...

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