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Ged Jurga, Shruti Jain, Tanja Munz, Salvatore Gerardi and Tom Riise.,
UK,  Bournemouth Bournemouth University, NCCA,  MA Digital Effects (MADE), MSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects (MScCAVE),  November 07, 2015
A short musically oriented video that was produced in the Nation Center of Computer Animation (NCCA) as a part of the assignment for the group project. This short was an outcome of a collaborative effort of 3 MA Digital Effects students and 2 Computer Animation and Visual Effects MSc students. It was a 7 weeks project
The premise for the events of the video was the answer to the question: "what if abstract shapes and colours that are driven by music would "infect" the suburban environment?"

P.S. Actually produced in 2015 (mistake in the video, thats how tired we were by the end of it :)
  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Design
  • Editing
  • FX/Simulations
  • Generalist (all)
  • Lighting
  • Matchmove
  • Rotoscoping
  • Sound Design
  • After Effects
  • Houdini
  • Nuke
  • Photoshop
3D Total
  • Film of the Year
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  • May 13, 2015
Music Haywyre - Prototype

3D - Houdini FX
2D and Compositing - After Effects, Nuke, Photoshop
3D and 2D Tracking - Nuke
Editing - Sony Vegas
Sound - Sony Vegas, Sound Forge, Audacity.

Ged Jurga (Generalist and Project lead) - Cinematography, Tracking, Matte Painting(clean up), 2D Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Roto and Compositing,. Editing and Sound FX
Shruti Jain (3D FX Artist) - 3D Fx Design (Simulation, Animation), Lighting, Rendering.
Salvatore Gerardi (3D FX Artist) - 3D FX Design and Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Roto and Compositing.
Tanja Munz (3D FX Artist) - 3D FX Design (Simulation, Animation), Tracking, Texturing, Roto, Lighting and Compositing.
Tom Riise (Generalist) - 3D FX Design (Simulation, Animation), Lighting, Matte Painting, Roto, Compositing and Sound FX

Initially, the project idea was proposed by Gediminas Jurga. Although, as a director, Ged supervised the design and direction of the effects throughout the project, as well as provided continuous advice and practical help to the group members to keep the coherency of the shots, a lot of the designs were changed throughout the 7 weeks time-span as an aftermath of the collaborative process, The project wouldn't be possible without the team members Shruti Jain, Tanja Munz, Tom Riise and Salvatore Gerardi who created most of effects and assets and complemented ideas. The project no longer was an idea of one person, but it evolved into mixture of ideas from all group members.

Detailed - Shot-By-Shot Roles:

Shot 0 (0:00-0:01) - Title Sequence done in AE
Shot 1 (0:03-0:09) - Tracking in Nuke and Houdini initial scene and dummy set-up by Ged Jurga. Forwarded to Salvatore Gerardi for Lighting, FX and amendments. Rendering, Roto and compositing done in Nuke by Salvatore Gerardi.
Shot 2 (0:09-0:12) - Tracking, FX and animation for the brick-wheel by Tom Riise. Backplate clean-up by Ged Jurga. Trail FX and Lighting by Salvatore Gerardi and Ged Jurga. Rendering and compositing by Tom Riise.
Shot 3 (0:12-0:14) - Tracking, scene set-up and Lighting by Ged Jurga. Pavement wave FX and animation and shader(brick texture) by Tanja Munz. Colored cube cloud FX and animation by Shruti Jain. Compositing was shared between Ged Jurga and Tom Riise.
Shot 4 (0:15-0:16) - Tracking and scene Set-up by Ged Jurga, Cube Cloud and Cube FX and animation by Shruti Jain. Lighting and rendering by Tom Riise.
Shot 5 (0:17-0:20) - Tracking and scene Set-up by Ged Jurga. Lighting by Salvatore Gerardi and Ged Jurga. Rendering and compositing by Ged Jurga.
Shot 6 (0:21 - 0:23) - Tracking and scene Set-up by Ged Jurga. Trail FX were created and animated by Salvatore Gerardi. Water simulation FX by Shruti Jain. Lighting and rendering was done by Shruti Jain and Ged Jurga. Compositing, Roto work and clean-up by Ged Jurga.
Shot 7-8 (0:24 - 0:30) - Tracking, scene(dummy) set-up, Lighting by Ged Jurga. Cube simulation, collision and animation by Tanja Munz.
Shot 9 (0:30 - 0:31) - FX by Ged Jurga.
Shot 10 (0:32 - 0:33) - Tracking by Ged Jurga. Splatter liquid simulation and lighting by Shruti Jain and Tom Riise. Compositing by Tom Riise.
Shot 11-Shot 12 (0:34 - 0:36) - These shots were done using 2D tricks only. Tracking, animation of the extrusions and compositing were done by Ged Jurga in AE. Matte Painting were done by Ged Jurga and Tom Riise in Photoshop.
Shot 13 (0:37 - 0:39) - Smoke simulation, lighting and rendering by Shruti Jain. Tracking and compositing by Ged Jurga.
Shot 14 (0:39 - 0:40) - FX and Animation by Ged Jurga
Shot 15 (0:41 - 0:45) - Tracking, Houdini scene set-up by Ged Jurga, Trail FX, compositing and lighting by Salvatore Gerardi. Pillar Shatter FX and rendering by Shruti Jain.
Shot 16 (0:46- 0:48) - Metaballs FX and Crack FX by Tanja Munz. Tracking, Lighting and Rendering by Ged Jurga and Tanja munz. Compositing by Tanja Munz.
Shot 17 (0:48 - 0:50) - Tracking and clean-up(matte-painting) by Ged Jurga, Purple structure match-modelling, animation and lighting and rendering by Tom Riise. Trail FX and rendering for it by Salvatore Gerardi.
Shot 18 (0:51 - 1:00) - Tracking, Roto. Lighting, Metaballs and Compositing by Tanja Munz. Sky replacement, fake reflections in 2D and Rendering by Ged Jurga.

Final editing, title sequences, grading by Ged Jurga
Sound FX by Tom Riise and Ged Jurga

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