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00:01 - De Planeta - De Planeta (latin for “about a planet”) is a short and stylised procedural animation that revolves around birth, life and death of a little planet made entirely in Houdini.
00:10 - Some of the Digital Assets I developed in Houdini to create the short animation "De Planeta". A digital asset was used to procedurally create the planet and features such as mountains and sea areas. Another digital assets allowed me to stamp geomtry to points, associating their lifetime with birth and death animation, and making me able to paint their density and placement straight on the surface they will be created on.
00:28 - Breakdown of the compositing passes used to achieve the final look in De Planeta using Nuke. The Space background was created procedurally in Houdini by displacing points alongside a sphere and clustering them for shading, and treating them afterwards in post production.
00:36 - Breakdown of the visual effects I created using Houdini for the BFX 2013 entry "CtrlZ", which won the award for best simulations.
00:48 - Abstract animation generated procedurally through a digital asset I developed in Houdini. Motion captured dance movement are imported in the asset, which extrapolates points data and generate trails and particles according to magnitude and velocity of motion and setting customizable by the user, creating a colorful visualization of the movement.
01:04 - A crowd simulator in C++ I developed along with a team of 6 other people. I was in charge of developing a scripting language that could interpret user commands - which resulted in implementing a python based interpreter. I then forged a fully working node-based graphical interface which translates basic fuzzy behaviours node and their connections into python language. The entire setup was developed in C++ and Qt Creator.
01:38 - A visual effect concept mockup developed for a VFX Masterclass with Double Negative, created with Houdini. The freezing / cubic shattering effect is implemented procedurally through a digital asset and therefore applicable to any geometry or animation.

Leonardo Cavaletti Hot

April 18, 2014