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Gerard Dunleavy

CG Student Awards catches up with Gerard Dunleavy - Intern Winner 2012 who attended an internship at The Mill, London. He talks to us about his internship, what happened after winning the awards and what he's working on now.



What was this best thing about winning the CG Student Awards?

The best thing about winning the award was the recognition and opportunities it opened for me, It defiantly jump-started my career.



What year did you win?




Tell us a little about the internship you won and which company you worked at?

My Internship was with The Mill in London. It was a fantastic experience and after my initial few months I was fortunate enough to stay for a year working on great projects for clients such as, Guinness, BBC and McCains.






What films have you worked on since winning the Internship?

After working on great commercials with the Mill I wanted to try my hand at working on film projects. I was very fortunate to be asked by Double Negative to join the team working on Thor : The Dark world, where I was helped build the bad guys' Spaceship and create the world of Asguard. After Thor I had the pleasure of working on the upcoming Godzilla film due for release very soon.



What's the best thing about your job?

I love the creative problem solving aspects of my job and the buzz from creating images that entertain people.



What was the best new trick/skill you've learned while on your internship?

There are far too many to mention here, but I think the best approach I have learned is to not get too bogged down and particular about making perfect 3D renders, Rather get good renders and use camera projection and matte painting techniques to take the shot to the next level.


What was it like presenting your work during a dailies session for the first time?

I must admit when I first shuffled into a dailies screening I was quite nervous and unsure of the protocol. But once I realised that everyone was there to help squeeze out the best from the shots and yourself, then it became a great feedback tool.



Did you learn anything at school that you really didn't need to know?

Pythagoras theorem, still to this day I haven't needed it.



Did you have any creative input?

It really depends on the shot and how early you get to come onboard. The early stages of a shot are usually the most creative where you make the most impact.



Were you given responsibility for an asset or did you just help out?

I was very fortunate on Thor as a lot needed to be done in a short amount of time. Therefore I had a lot of responsibility and autonomy over certain assets and shots.



Did the schedule feel realistic for you to complete your tasks?

There were certainly some late nights and a few weekends but everyone on the team are right there with you and we felt we could pull it off.



Did you make any big mistakes (that you want to tell us about now) that impacted the show that you were working on?

Lucky enough there were no big mistakes, However I did worry sometimes about a particular approach that I had taken. whether or not it would work out, or reach the quality needed.